Saturday, March 1, 2008

Project Topics for B.Tech , M.C.A , M.Tech , M.E ,BCA students

As I already discussed Project Ideas in http://getmostoutof.blogspot.com/ all it matters what you learnt .
Having an experience , I will tell you one fact . Not only your mentors , lectures , or whoever you name them but also the company who is recruiting you will know what a person can do in semester which will be 5 to 10 months(but it is acutally boiled down to 3 to 6 months not considering exams ,hoildays...etc) So , ultimately what a person can do in 3 months . Normally speaking 3 months is nothing for a comany which want to give a genuine product .

So given the above facts , make a note of all these points

Know about the SDLC (Software Development Lifecycle) which you can find in this blog , or seacrhing for SDLC in google search bar u can find at the top of the blog.
Analyze it properly.
Know the techincal terms like functional requirments , design which i had expalined in other blogs.
Try to know about the language basics.
So , take a small module and apply the above steps repeatedly.

Some of the well known project topics can be

chat module
email module
microcontroller based security alarms.
popular algorithms implementation like n-queen's problem. These popular algorithms you can find from IEEE papers.
recognition problems like face , voice etc
taking a challenging problem and proposing a solution (tthis one i will prefer most)
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In the next article , I will pot the details about "How to search for jobs while doing projects"

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